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Black History Month In Schools

With Black History Month underway, some educators are challenging the way Black history is currently handled in the public education system. “While Black history is American history, it is still being taught in a very supplemental way,” she tells Yahoo Life. “It is disgusting for Black history to be dwindled down to clubs, posters, quotes and random misrepresentations, but that is where most of our schools are today.” Students learn Black people were oppressed, but they rarely learn about the immense contributions Black people have made to science, mathematics, technology and the advancement of American democracy through Black collective struggle. CBS News found history is inconsistently taught in U.S. schools, with little mandate regarding what is required learning. For example, school textbooks in seven states do not even mention slavery and eight states use textbooks that omit the civil rights movement. Less than half of U.S. states actually require students to learn about racism, according to CBS News, and only Massachusetts and Maryland use school textbooks that mention white supremacy. Public schools also gloss over important eras in Black history, The relatively new Black Lives Matter at School movement now aims “to embrace our Black youth and let them know school is a safe place for them,” he adds.

This movement is also dedicated to teaching lessons about institutional racism and the long Black freedom struggle.

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