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NIPSCO Inc. We know this could be a time of financial hardship. So, we've voluntarily suspended shutoffs for nonpayment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we're offering to customers who indicate either an impact or hardship as a result of COVID-19 our most flexible payment plans, and we will suspend late payment charges until May 1. Any customer who has received a termination notice or is having trouble paying his/her bill should call 1-800-4NIPSCO

Government announces emergency measures to stop landlords evicting tenants during coronavirus outbreak. Thu 19 March 2020

The government is to ban evictions and introduce three-month mortgage payment holidays for landlords whose tenants are struggling to pay rent due to coronavirus.

Coronavirus Car Payment Relief Programs

Payment extensions allow you to defer a payment or two until a later date. A payment extension is a service provided to our customers to assist them in resolving a temporary financial burden. Finance Charges, or interest, will continue to accrue on your auto loan.


We know how important reliable service is to you, now more than ever. We are taking a number of steps to ensure you remain connected to your Xfinity services, amid concern about Coronavirus. Need help now? Visit our online help center

Will you get a ‘coronavirus check’? $2 trillion stimulus package explained.

Congress has authorized a maximum of $1,200 for each American, and up to $2,400 for those who file their taxes jointly. Taxpayers with children also receive a flat $500 per child. If you share children with someone but you do not file jointly, the money goes to the person who claims them as a dependent. To receive themaximumbenefit, an individual filer without children must earn $75,000 or less. Joint taxpayers without children can receive the full amount if they earn less than $150,000. The maximum benefit ($1,200),plus an additional $500 for each child you claim.

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