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Former Teen Mom Went From Janitor to Millionaire, Proved Everybody Wrong

Ronne Brown, who was once a teenage mom who used to work as a janitor, completely turned her life around and is now a millionaire entrepreneur, branding expert, and founder and CEO of Girl CEO. She has successfully broken stereotypes and she has been inspiring others to never lose sight of their goals despite what everybody is saying. Brown started making her own products such as hair care products, candles, makeup, and any other items and then selling them on Facebook. She used the experiences she got from working for others to creating her own successful company through social media. Eventually, she launched herself as Ronne B., an internationally-recognized branding expert, entrepreneur, professional speaker, and author.

Ronne is now earning a 7-figure salary and she was able to achieve her goal without any formal training or business education. What pushed her to achieve more is when she realized the lack of information and resources for new female entrepreneurs. She is paying it forward with her online educational platform, Girl CEO, which helps women become new CEOs and reach similar success.

Ronne is also an author who wrote a best-selling book entitled From Mopping Floors to Making Millions on Instagram: 5 Steps to Building an Online Brand.

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