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Man tells story of jumping into action to save another man trapped in a submerged pickup truck

A man's date suit was left drenched in water and ruined when he jumped into a pond in Northwest Indiana recently – but he was more than happy to do it all to save a driver trapped in a submerged car. APRIL 22, 2022 / CBS CHICAGO

On Friday night, CBS 2's Jermont Terry spoke to the hero about his harrowing account.

Branden Delk was driving along the Borman Expressway (Interstate 80/94) in Northwest Indiana, when something caught his attention at the Kennedy Avenue exit in Hammond.

"It's like dark - you can barely see. I'm kind of confused as to what's going on," Delk said.

He spotted a pickup truck partially submerged in a retention pond.

"And as I get up a little bit more on the ramp, I notice his headlights are on," Delk said. "So I'm like, this can't be an old accident. This obviously hasn't been dealt with."

His hunch was right. There was a man trapped in that pickup truck after crashing moments earlier.

"I started yelling," Delk said, "because my main thing was, is the person drowning? Are they OK?"

Remember – it was dark, moments before midnight. But that didn't keep Delk – who was heading home with his wife at the time – from jumping into the water to help.

Delk jumped in wearing his suit – and he has no regrets.

"I think that we were in the right place at the right time, and I think God led us there," said his wife, Sierria Delk.

The driver trapped in a submerged car stops by Caruthers Towing to see his vehicle on Saturday morning.

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