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Two Black Women Are The Newest Owners Of A BP Gas Station in Jacksonville, Florida

There are only a handful of Black-owned gas stations across the country and two Black women residing in Florida are the latest to help diversify this industry.

Jasmine Brown and Kimberly Claridy Walker are making history as the first Black owners of a BP gasoline station and convenience store located in Jacksonville.

Both women are successful business owners that decided to invest in an industry that was not impacted by COVID-19: oil.

“As I looked around, I realized gas stations didn’t close down during the COVID-19, so I thought it was a wise investment,” Walker said in an interview.

Their BP gas station, located at 6845 Arlington Expressway in Jacksonville, Florida, operates 24/7 and offers an array of snacks, a car wash, electronics, and more.

During their grand opening on June 20, 2020, their location sold more than 58,000 gallons of gas in one day.

“We got a call from BP stating that we were the top seller in Duval gas,” said Walker.

Brown and Walker said they are using this rare opportunity to give back to the community. With their new business venture, they have already implemented a second chance felony friendly hiring program.

In addition, the two have joined forces to create a business consulting group called Boss Ladies On The Move that assists with the development and execution of business plans, franchise acquisitions, and public relations.

“We didn’t just do this for us, we did this for everyone. And through this, we plan to open doors for others and hopefully, we can change the narrative of how other corporations view individuals with a background and also to promote collaboration over competition,” said Brown.

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